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HR Poster
Employee meetings educate employees and maximize satisfaction with the benefits program.

Enrollment Guide
Quality communication materials encourage employees to read the information and make informed decisions.

JGS is a full-service consulting firm that delivers a wide range of comprehensive communications programs. We have a proven track record for developing and delivering innovative, customized materials. Because we understand the complexities of Human Resources and Benefits Management, we know how to present and communicate solutions to the workforce in a timely and effective manner.

Our extensive experience will help you realize maximum return on the investment in your health & welfare benefits by ensuring that the right message is delivered to your employees through appropriate channels at the right time. A well-planned and carefully executed communications program will ensure that business-to-employee relationships are strengthened, ultimately leading to a higher performing organization.

Here are examples of the services we provide:


The best designed benefits program needs to be communicated and implemented properly to produce maximum employee satisfaction. JGS will design customized employee communications for open enrollment and other significant events throughout the year. JGS works closely with the HR department to develop a strategy and commit the resources that best meet your needs.
  • Enrollment guides
  • Launch letters
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee meetings
  • Posters
  • Videos
Total Compensation Statements

Employees often overlook and undervalue the benefits package provided by their employer. The vast majority of employees do not truly understand or appreciate the value of their total compensation.

Money spent on wages and benefits is an investment. You can increase the return on that investment by clearly communicating to each employee the true cost of the total compensation package that you provide.

Benefit statements are a key component to any successful communications strategy. These statements provide a personal summary of each employee's benefits, including medical, dental, disability, worker's compensation, vacation pay, sick pay, employer paid taxes, etc. Many statements also include current balances in the 401(k) and pension plan as well as future projections at retirement.

Sample Statement

Employees need to know that their salary is only
a portion of their total compensation.

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